Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of buyers/clients are not applicable, unless that application has been accepted in writing by Easy Tickets.

Article 1 placement of orders, prices and payment.
An order is final only after Easy Tickets the receipt of the order by means of an order confirmation has confirmed. Payment is made on one of the by Easy Tickets as indicated (n). Easy Tickets is entitled to a buyer's payment method other than by those chosen. Prices are expressed in euros and all costs are included including VAT, excluding shipping costs.

Article 2 Resale
There is resale. The applied price is typically higher than the nominal price on the ticket and all costs are included in it except for the shipping and service fees.

Article 3 Delivery.
Easy Tickets endeavors the tickets no later than seven business days prior to the event. Easy Tickets shall be entitled to deliver the tickets to the time of start of the event. Shipping and delivery made by regular mail or registered mail and for the account of the purchaser in respect of the method of delivery, unless otherwise agreed. Tickets can also be picked-up at Easy Tickets. Easy Tickets will the buyer in writing of the sending of the tickets. If the freight forwarder, at a registered mail is unable to deliver the shipment at buyer in person, the shipment will be sent to the nearest distribution office where the shipment will be kept for a certain period of time. This let the freight forwarder in writing evidence behind on the delivery address. If the buyer takes delivery of a ticket does not pick up, pick up or leave, and the buyer is informed in advance of the shipment, then comes the not-visits of the event for the account and risk of the buyer.

Article 4 Liability.
Easy Tickets is not liable for (consequence) damages, including (consequence) damage if the delivery of the tickets failed as a result of specifying an incorrect address, the incomplete information of the occupant of the specified address or if the buyer is a ticket not received, pick up or leave, and the buyer is informed in advance of the shipment or when at the hands of third parties engaged by Easy Tickets not or not is delivered in a timely manner. For such a situation are the tickets also not insured.

Article 5 Guarantees. 
As soon as an order is placed, all tickets are protected by our 120% Ticket guarantee. Should an order not be fulfilled, Easy Tickets will refund 100% of the order amount including handling costs, unless this is due to force majeure (i.e. bankruptcy of the organiser). Should the customer be denied admission to the event due to circumstances which the buyer cannot be held responsible for, Easy Tickets will refund 120% of the order amount including handling costs.
If an event is cancelled, the buyer has the right to a back payment of 100% of the paid price minus the shipping costs paid by him/her and the administration costs € 7.50 per ticket ordered. In receivership or bankruptcy of the Organizer will no refund will take place.

Article 6 special provisions.
The by Easy Tickets indicated quality categories for tickets do not have to join by the organizer of the event categories used. Buyer of a ticket should by Easy Tickets delivered to inform himself of indications by the organizer of the event as well as of changes with regard to the event. On Easy Tickets no obligation to inform about it by purchaser of a ticket.

Article 7 other provisions.
Easy Tickets points out that the sale of tickets by the organizer of the event terms and conditions may apply on the basis of which the Organizer explained the resale of these tickets. As a result, the organizer can cancel tickets and access to the event. In that case, and if it is not due to the buyer is that the ticket is blocked will Easy Tickets a replacement ticket. If this is not possible it will be fully paid by the buyer.

Article 8 Information by and about Easy Tickets.
Easy Tickets is located in Alphen aan den Rijn, Aristotle laan 11, 2408 DS. Easy Tickets is registered under number 28,104,875 at the Chamber of Commerce in the Hague (Netherlands). Mail@easytickets.eu and EasyTickets can be reached via + 31 (0) 6 498 341 06

Article 9 applicable law.
The contract shall be governed by Dutch law. As far as is allowed by way of derogation from the statutory competency rules the competent judge in the District of Alphen aan den Rijn knowledge of all disputes which may arise between Easy Tickets and the buyer.

Alphen aan den Rijn, 1 January 2010

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